To ebaums world

I have been coming to this site for a little over a month now and I am truely begining to hate this fucking place.

At first it was ok but I have come to understand that this place is infested with nothing more than fucking losers. All any of you ever do is sit on this peice of shit site and bitch at eachother for one reason or another. I would bet that not one of you has a great social life outside of this make believe shit hole. Why else would you be on here all the time? I am on ebaums maybe twice a week. I see alot of you on here every time I get on. Thats sad guys. I wont name any names but you know who you are.

When I get on this site I want to see funny stuff and read a blog here or there. You guys make this place a shit hole for anyone that isn't on here 24/7. Its like you guys think this is a real life. Do the world a favor and go be a produtive member of sociaty.  If by some slim chance anyone ever wants to mate with any of you and you have a child what will you tell your kid you did with your life. Yeah those would be some great stories" Well son I use to sit on my fat shit ass and play make believe on a fucking website filled with other tards just like me".

Im just tired of the fuckers that think they are the shit because they fuck with other people on this site. Oh no this guy doesnt have a face, this guy mis-spelled something, hey that guy has a shitty name, lets fuck with them. If thats all you have to do for fun all day then maybe you should go the fuck outside and get some damn friends! 

Now I know some of you will respond to this and I will probably get flagged( oh god no dont flag me!!) but guess what I really dont give a fuck Im never on here unlike you guys. I have a life outside of here and if this hurts your lil feelings then you're most likely one of the dumb fucks Im writing this about. Fuck You All!  

Uploaded 09/14/2009
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