To everyone

thanks for last night guys......everyone who read my blog about my probs and stuff....thanks to everyone who msg'd me and suported me. you guys really are cool. i feel MMMMUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH better....

ok so today i worked in my wood shop all day making joints and ferrules for sticks. building them out of bone and ivory....that shit takes for ever and its pretty hard. we dont have all the computer ran shit we do it by a lathe by hand but other than than that its cool. turning down the wood is cool. taking it down by like .010 of an inch at a time lol it gets old fast but it pays well. we sold a stick today for $700. just the material for it cost over $300 and 400 for the labor so me and my uncle split material cost and then split what was left.....i got 200$ wewt wewt.

ok so yeah im going to bed early tonight its only 1:15 here and i usually dont crash tilll around 5-6 am but i got alot of work tommorrow we have a HUGE tournament coming up we both gotta practice for and we are entering in a show cor custom cue makers to show off our cues.

heres an awesome clip from Robot Chicken that like. the episode with this clip in it was my fav of all time....i got this from but o well

good night all

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Uploaded 08/03/2008
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