To my son Rednote

Oh Little Red Riding Hood (as your mother likes to call you) cant you let your father have a little fun on ebaumsworld? After working the daily 9 to 5 to keep food on the table, i come to ebaumsworld to express my feelings and have a little time away from work and the family? It's bad enough i got your mother and sister bitching at me all day,  why must you attack me on the one place i find comfort and acceptance? Paint the house, clean the garage, fuck me in the ass, etc. are the daily complaints i have to put up with on a day to day basis. On top of that, my only son, you, has failed physical education for the fourth year in a row. In order to pass the exam Red, you have to do a mile in fifteen minutes. Why does it take you over an hour? You tell me its the girls class running alongside you and you get distracted but i'm not buying it. You've never brought a girl home once. You spend all your time in your room playing your guitar and on ebaumsworld. Quite frankly your guitar playing is a disturbance in the house. Your mother says i should let you express yourself in a musical way but my god Red, it's time to give it up. To sum this up, Red, my only son, let me have my time. Let me enjoy myself. I dont want to see your wise acre comments anymore. I grounded you once for this but apparently you havent learned your lesson. Next time your having nightmares and ask to sleep in my bed the answer is no son. Its about time you dealt with your problems on your own. I'm not going to be here forever to protect you.
Uploaded 12/05/2010
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