To right a wrong...or lay off the horn jerk...

Monday January 26 2009, as usual for this time of year I sit in utter dissapointment waiting for my magical tax return.I know it takes longer than a few days but dammit....I WANT TO BUY THINGS NOW.So to take our minds off of this sad fact I will tell you of the events of my afternoon drive home today....


As can be expected on the drive home from work, I was caught in a bit of traffic.Nothing too serious but I was on a one way street and got caught behind a couple of cars waiting for a school bus.Fuck it, no problem right?Wrong.One of the cars(the one behind the bus) the guy is laying on the horn and dropping F-bombs on these poor childrens pysche's like the Enola -gay.I found this somewhat humorous at first...and even chuckled to my self as I saw the look of panic and frustration on the parents faces waiting at the door....Then something dawned on me,  why would the parents come all the way out the bus?Why would the bus be taking so long?This didn't make sense.....unless.


Of course, it was a special needs bus.My eyes immediately flew to the small stick figure sitting helpless in it's stick figure wheel chair.Then my eyes flew back to the parents.There they were offloading a quadrapalegic little girl...I'm talking Stephen Hawking status here.The only thing missing is the little robot voice telling me I'm going to hell for chuckling moments earlier.


My attention quickly turns back to the guy in the car behind the bus.Surely he has realised the situation and ceased all expletives.Again, wrong.He starts really laying it on..."Get that fucking cripple out of my way"...."move your ass(honk honk) normal people have places to be"..The parents looked like they were about to cry.


This is the part of the story where you expect me to gallanty defend the child.To walk up to Mr Dickhead up in front and right his injustce.To stick up for the poor helpless little girl tragically doomed to remain motionless for life....Didn't happen that way.I cranked Wu-Tang on my I-pod and minded my own fucking bussiness.Anyone crazy enough to spew that evil shit at a crippled 8 year old is bat-shit crazy enough to stab my ass.


So anyway, I got home to find that my money still had not made it's way to my bank account....Ohhhhh well, theres allways tomorrow.

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