To The Rescue!

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this little smantering of words, I'd like to thank all who commented on my blog from yesterday. This was the first time I'd asked a serious question and got serious responses. Good on ya, gang! Looks like we're all growing up a bit; maturing and really taking things seriously for a change.




Now, on with the show: I just got done reading Bohank's blog about the notorious "other" site. I've had my own views on that little project for a bit now, but must admit my prejudice toward the Nation site is a little deep-seeded, so I decided to check it out for myself. Let me tell ya, Bo was bang on the money.


We lost a lot of great bloggers (and got rid of a lot of bad ones) when the whole ebaums meltdown happened a while ago. People were pissed with the Z-Company for buying the rights to this place and running Eric and his crew out. (I must admit, it was a little heartless, but business is business. Regardless, it could have been handled better.) A mass panic began as veteran users began deleting their uploads as if it were their intellectual property. The comment and blog section was afire with hysteria of site closings and user lock-outs. Alliances were made that day, people. You either raged against the corporate machine, or you stuck behind and were viewed as a turncoat from your former e-friends. The blog secion was split pretty even with haters and non-give-a-shitters.


Myself: I went with the group to the new site, deciding that I held no accontability to either site but rather my fellow writers. Promises were made a a bigger and better, with video and picture sections created virtually over night. And yes, eventually a blog section for those of us who prefer the written word to a thirty second clip of a guy getting hit in the sack by and empty paint can. But, as Bo points out, no blog section was made. I just got back from the other spot, and it is still lacking a blog section. They are still using the tired old forumn format, with the majority of the writings being pure crap. I noted this early on in my brief departure from here, and after getting frustrated with the forumns all I wanted in the end was an easy-to-use blog section like the one we used to flourish on. So....back I came, with a few old writers in tow and a load of new ones to enjoy.


The new writers were fantastic from the start. The old ones picked up where they left off, and slowly a trickle of the old gang came back to write their pieces. I have never looked back on the Nation, and after my brief visit this evening, never will again. Bo's heated views on "the nation" are understandable...and justified. His opinion is his own, and is shared by many who thought the new way was going to be great, but discovered that in the end, you've always gotta go home again. Hell, even our ol' dependable writer Bluenote (what's with the "red" business now, anyway?) returned to the flock. I enjoyed Bo's blog this evening for its honesty. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest giving it a whirl.


One thing did get me, though. Our old pal, and occassional returning friend, Lord Dread kinda called him out in a very unlike-his-old-ways manner. You could almost taste the bitterness of the back and forth between the two. Each held their ground, so I guess a draw is the determined outcome there. I just don't understand loyality to a website that would conjour up such rage. If...and when....I find a better site then this one, I'll be gone, too. But, having no stake in the site, what the hell would I care who visits and says what about who? The whole Bauman alliance business really pisses me off. The man is out to MAKE MONEY, not keep his clique happy. Again, business is business.


So that's my collection of thought this evening. Right or wrong, I don't  give a shit...and neither should you. In the end, Bo's blog was full of everything a blog should be: opinion. Maybe a few of you out there could take a lesson from the ol' dog and write about something real; leave the poop jokes and racist shit for the "other site".



Thanks again for reading,

-The Big Bad





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