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So I had never been on a motorcycle. And when I see something that looks cool and potentially life-threatening I go for it!

* Skydiving... check.

* Hang-gliding... check.

* Hooker with a hypodermic needle sticking out of her leg... um, no.

So I have this really cool friend with a motorcycle and she wanted to take me around on the back of her bike. Yes. I said SHE. I know its not super manly to be holding onto a girl (much less a tiny girl like this) but whatever If Im going to be riding on the back of a motorcycle, I think its better to be holding onto a girl with my balls smashed into her ass then to be holding onto some big hairy dude with my balls smashed into his smelly hairy butt.

So yeah, I went riding on the back of a motorcycle with a girl.

And I wore a pink helmet.

And my leather jacket had long frilly strings hanging off the sleeves.

And across the back of the jacket was the name of my motorcycle gang: "Ladybirds"

Just kidding. But that's how I felt. So whenever we would step into a restaurant or something with our helmets in hand I would walk extra tall with my chest puffed out and I'd tell random people, "I'm the driver..."

Then those people would look at me like I'm a weird-o or something. But like, whatever.

So like I said, Ive done scary risk-taking stuff before skydiving, hang gliding, eating Mexican in the airport food court right before a non-stop 7 hour international flightBut usually, I feel prepared. Before they let you jump out of an airplane to skydive, they train you and teach you and show you videos. Before I jumped onto this motorcycle, my only instructions were:

1) hold on

2) dont let go


Um, okay. I thought riding a motorcycle would be no problem because hey, Ive seen the movies. And according to Hollywood, even if youve never been on a motorcycle, its super easy to hop on one, and steer with one hand while using your other hand to shoot at the enemy while simultaneously swerving out of the way of an oncoming 18-wheeler and then jump a ramp over a lake leaving behind an angry Chinese man shaking his fist because you knocked over his fruit stand. So yeah. This will be simple. I get on the back. I hold onto the girls torso. Got my pink helmet on. Ready! She takes off! The sudden jolt slams my head forward into her helmet. CLANK! Oops.

Now were speeding down the street. Aaaaaah! Cars are speeding at us, making a wide turn. So we have to make a wide, rounding turn. And LEAN into the turn. So the motorcycle is slanted towards the street. My natural reaction is to lean the OPPOSITE way. You know, so I dont paint the concrete with the blood from inside my face. But no. You have to lean WITH the bike. Now I feel like Im 100% going to die. What made me think I could do this?!!! My only experience riding a motorcycle was from an old arcade game... and I remember how in that game I would always crash!


So we stop at a red light and I tell her that I feel like Im going to fall off of the motorcycle. So she says, Well, were only going 30 MPH, so if youre going to fall off this is a good time.I was like, Okay, cool. But then 15 seconds later I realize, Whoa! What?! How is this a good time? Its still gonna hurt like hell and what about that bus behind us? Is this a good time to get crushed by a bus? Im holding on. My hands are stiff and sweating. My ass is getting numb from the vibrations of the motor.

When I finally get off the motorcycle, I had to massage my butt to get the feeling back. I tell my friend that Im scared. I know this is not helping me look courageous and manly to her but Im fairly certain those qualities do not matter as much to a girl once you are deceased. Besides, if I survive, Ill do something else to reclaim my manhood in her eyes like build a shed.

NOTE TO SELF: Learn how to build a shed.

By the 3rd time we went riding, I began to feel comfortable. You could tell just by looking at my posture on the motorcycle. At first, I was sunk down low in the seat and leaning forward. And the engine had me shaking. Not because it was so powerful but because it made me cry.

Then my friend is like, "Look to the left. You can see Mount Rainier!"

Look left?! Hell no! I'm too scared to turn my head! I know what will happen. I look left. You accelerate. I'm street meat.

Later on she's like, "So wasn't Mount Rainier beautiful?"

I was like, "Um, I have no idea. I was too busy focusing on the back of your helmet while repeating curse words."

But as I got more comfortable, I stopped fogging up the inside of my helmet with tears. And I sat up straight on the back seat.

I was feeling so great, I even hopped off the bike to pose for some pictures with the famous Fremont Troll in Seattle (where I was visiting):

Why? In case I dislodged some troll boogers! Duh!


No, the honest reason is because it took me so long to re-do the helmet's little chin straps I just kept it on. Even when we sat down in the restaurant I kept my helmet on. People couldn't decide if I was a motorcycle rider or� retarded.

But when they saw me attempt to eat by shoveling food into my helmet they knew for sure I was retarded.

Which reminds me... how the hell do people scratch their face while riding a motorcycle? I realized that when I'm driving a car I do all sorts of things that you can't do while on a motorcycle. Like scratch my face. Blow my nose. Play with the radio stations. Drink a beverage. Talk on my cell phone. Catch a nap. Just for a second.


So by the end of my trip I felt comfortable on the bike. Even though I was still riding on the back and holding onto a girl, I began feeling kinda macho. I'm riding on a motorcycle! I'm risking life and limb for the sake of transportation! Oh yeah! I'm a manly man!

Then I hopped off the bike and massaged my butt.

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