Today I will not...

Today I will not do these things, I promise. Just cuz I said "I promise" though doesn't mean I won't do them. It just means that I will try my hardest not to.


I will not drive my car into oncoming traffic.

I will not start shooting people from the bell tower.

I will not build any more pipe bombs.

I will not call my Mom to tell her I love her.

I will not road rage.

I will not write a good blog. :)

I will not tell the fat chick at McDonald's that this is the LAST place she should be.

I will not barf when I look at my roomie.

I will not partake of mass quantities of illegal narcotics.

I will not drink myself into oblivion.

I will not be nice to deevo25.

I will not make new friends.

I will not put on a pretty dress and say "would you fuck me? I'd fuck me."

I will not stop my ninja training.

I will not call anyone a giant fucking retard.

I will not sing "I gotta be me" at the top of my lungs.


Not Deunan

Uploaded 11/19/2010
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