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Today is October 17th


Muslims muslims everywhere and not one left alive. Paris police execute a mass of African Muslims during an FLN Demonstration. Several more are executed in the police courtyard.  It is the age of aquarius today. It is opening night for the play hair.  It turn out naked people dancing on stage with no armpit hair makes for a very bad night. The CIA is helping the enemy. The New Your Times runs a story telling how the CIA taught Nicaraguan Rebels how to kidnap and assasinate civil officials.  The ground is a shakin. Sixty seven are killed in the 1989 earthquake in San Franscisco. The world series is postponed what are we to do. This and more on....


Today in History




Oct 17 1961

Between 50 and 200 unarmed Algerian muslims are massacred by Paris police during an FLN demonstration. Dozens more are murdered in the courtyard of the main police headquarters. At the time, the De Gaulle government was unstable and trying to hold onto its African colonies, thus the massacre was not widely reported.

Oct 17 1967

The controversial play Hair, full of dancing naked people, unshaved armpits, and body odor, opens at the 299-seat Anspacher Theater on Broadway. (Hair is that play with all the fricking "Age of Aquarius" shit.)

Oct 17 1984

The New York Times runs an article entitled "CIA Primer Tells Nicaraguan Rebels How to Kill." The story describes the secret manual Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare which the CIA furnished to the Contras in Nicaragua. The booklet instructed how to kidnap and assassinate civil officials, such as judges and police.

Oct 17 1989

The Loma Prieta earthquake strikes the San Francisco Bay Area, killing 67 and causing billions in property damage. The 6.9 magnitude temblor manages to collapse a long section of the double-decker I-880 freeway, smushing motorists between the two layers. Part of the Bay Bridge also collapses. Worst of all, the quake postpones the third World Series game.

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