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Sep 25 1980

On the NBC talk show Tomorrow, SNL alumnus Chevy Chase calls actor Cary Grant a "homo." Grant sues, but rumors of his homosexuality follow him for years. The one thing known for certain: Grant is the first person to use the word "gay" in its modern context on film: In Bringing Up Baby, while in a pink fluffy silk rope he exclaimed "I've just gone gay all of a sudden!" Look at the portrait -- judge for yourself.

Sep 25 1980

After spending the whole day drinking, Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham dies from alcohol poisoning. His corpse is discovered having choked on its own vomit.

Sep 25 1988

President Carter's brother Billy dies of pancreatic cancer. The "First Brother" distinguished himself by whoring out to the Libyan government, and marketing "Billy Beer" -- considered one of the most abominable pilsner-style lagers ever to hit the American market.

Sep 25 1991

Doogie Howser loses his virginity on ABC television.

Sep 25 1997

In exchange for dropping the forcible sodomy charge against him, former NBC sportscaster Marv Albert pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery. Albert's rape trial brought to light embarrassing allegations that he wears women's underwear, and asked women to procure men for group sex. The sheep issue was never raised. His defense accepted the plea bargain after the judge ruled he would admit information that Albert was involved in a sex fight resulting in the loss of his magnificent toupee.

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