Todays BIG question..Total madness!

Todays BIG question was inspired by a fear of midgets, that i have allways had.I am not afraid that I will get bitten or anything like that ,just afraid i will act like a startled elephant and get stomp happy...Heres the question


If You had to decide between being the ugliest man alive with a lisp or being a midget ,Who would you rather be???  I know some people might think they ARE the ugliest person ,so in that instance I replace that option with Ugliest of the opposite sex....And i know midgets dont blog because they have such small problems..

Also like allways leave the best reasoning for your pick.Be crazy have fun. and judge others.



Here is my shot at it.

I would have to be the ugliest person with a lisp. Because I imagine being like a nosferatu and running around peeing like a dog at moving cars and trying to impregante the display statues at macys during holidays. Also i would like to see if looks matter to prostitutes , because if they do. I would have a better understanding of my fellow blogger then. namely sparks.... just kidding your not funny ...Silly wannabe bluenote......


Ok good luck ,remember winner gets the cookie. and by cookie i mean hooker  and by gets i mean has sex with...


Matt leader of the zombies and and big questions....and anticaturday,also my leave this past week was because of blah blah.. Lol I will put up my new icon soon..

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