Today's story.

I thought i'd share a fight i saw when i was downtown earlier today, now not just any fight, a fight worthy of writing a blog about.


Well, to start off the story it's about 8:23am on a usually busy morning, the police usually have a battalion of officers throughout the city, so it's a usual sight to see them. I was on one of the main streets around the "office sector" , buisness men and women, the little old lady with the push cart, little bastard kids running you over, when i hear a massive yell coming from the 2nd or 3rd floor of this parking garage just up ahead of me, so me being me i walk in to see whats up, a possible fight or some bullshit, lol.

The parking garage is packed with cars but not alot of people walking around and no guard tower. As i walked up the ramp to the 2nd story i see two old ass men, i'm talking mid-80's, one had a walking cane and the other had a cast on his wrist, they were mentioning shit about money and marijuana, 80 years old and arguing about money and pot?! i stood back and watched not expecting anything to happen with a crazy ass look on my face thinking what about the situation, a never in a life-time situation.

So all of a sudden the grandpa with the wrist cast smacks the other along side the head almost knocking him to the ground, and then threw a metal coffee mug at him striking his shoulder, then the poor sap gets up after the beating and uses his cane like a bat, started beating the shit out of him, 80 years-old! Getting down like 20 year old men, i can only imagine the next few generations..


(I did not help him BTW)

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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