Today's Top 5 Tools

1.palodomincano 2.papaps89 3.thelocallanding  4.adriandanala 5.ytsnake06   get a fucking clue you bag of tools!! the ship is going down and your still trying to be e-rep whores to win a fucking piece of shit mustang!! man i hate fucking poor people. how the fuck do you tools have internet access and at what point in time do you realize your a fucking tool and this websight is going downhill fast, but hey i wont listen to all the other douche bags on this sight ill just keep uploading copywrited material so i can get a fucking shitstang mustang with my erep points? if thats not a poor person and dumb as fuck posting that shit. what a bunch of tool bags just fucking look at yourselves!! wake the fuck up!! look at yourselves fucking waste of life mother fuckers, your pieces of shit and i have never laugh so hard in my life, you fucking tools have made a whole new classification for worthless human beings, someon needs to get a flamethrower and go to the pieces of shit mutants lairs and burn them the fuck down!! illl buy you a fucking shitstain mustang so you drive to these mutant welfare cases homes and burn these pathetic fucks!! hahhahhahhhahhhahhahhha fucking tool bags and your gay ass suckfest ebaums life kiss it good buy fuck faces!!! hahhahhahhahhahhahhahhhahhahhahhhahahhahhahhaha
Uploaded 01/31/2009
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