Tomlet - I smell shit, too...

Just read tomlet's blog, and i gotta say, I totally agree - and I don't even like ice cream.

I've been purposely one-starred for weeks now, a lot of times seconds after I make a post.  Seriously, it's not just you - Attention-whoring and annoyance is one thing, but this marks an official ebaum's stalker, as well as one more fucking stupid than I had ever imagined...

As a result, I've decided to whip up a list of reminders on why Ms. One-Star(along with whoever else is this desperate) is, and always will be, a fail:

1.  You don't like a post? Then how about...NOT starring it at all? This will at least give the   impression you don't care enough to even view the post in the first place.  A continuous one-star on EVERY post someone puts up, usually immediately after it goes up, is too obvious.

2.  This goes especially for the users that like to give back what you dish out, and remind you how dumb you are.

3.  We know it's irresistible to sabotage everyone else for your own benefit, but the point is - there IS no benefit.  This isn't the Olympics, American Idol, or some reality bake-off or modeling show. No trophies or contracts are involved with keeping your ugly face on the top 5 daily... in fact, there's something face-palmingly pathetic about how hard you're working for $10.

4,  I have a friend who'll give you $20 right now if you suck his dick. This involves no downloads or attention-whoring - in fact, he doesn't even want to see your face. Easier work for twice the money.

5.  You are not, and never will be, the king of this website. You're a fucking waste of a shit rag smearing its contents on too many nice surfaces, and the smell is unmistakable among more of us each day.

From now on, any post, comment, or hint as to the mere presence of this rank, festering loaf, shall be instantly negated or down-starred on sight by myself, as well as anyone else you try to fuck with, as a continual reminder.

After all, you can't take a shit without ridding the bowl of the pile already reeking up the house.

Time to flush, people - and put the lid down when you're done.

Uploaded 06/21/2011
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