Tomlet, The Ignorant Sheep

People who visit the blog section on a regular basis know this guy for his intense attempts of getting attention. He wrote about his divorce to acquire some kind of pity around here. He attacked other bloggers when they didn't agree with him or called him out on being a doormat. After I read his "Reasons for vote for Rick Perry" prattle, I wasn't surprised at his political views. Not only is he a democrat, he's the ignorant type. His idiocy reached it's peak this time and it's a good time for me to pay him a lesson in politics.

Here are some points from Tomlet's blog where he makes fun of Rick Perry

Tomlet: He shot a coyote that threatened his dog while jogging....imagine what he'll do in a debate with a black man threatening our economy.

Typical sheep logic. People who don't vote for the black guy are racists. Are you a racist? You must be if you choose the white guy and not the black guy. Is this what you're trying to say here, Tomlet?

Tomlet: Let's kick the Mexicans out and put Americans back to the fields

So apparently to Tomlet, if you want to call yourself American, you have to be educated. People who are poor or not suitable for becoming, for example, lawyers are not worthy of being called members of the fine country called United States. Let the Mexicans come and take the field work from the less intelligent. Leave farming for the immigrants. A Real American works as a teacher or something similar, as long as it's not physical work.

Tomlet: Tough on gays, tough on drugs. He'll put bong AND dong smokers in prison.

While we're so generous to the Hispanics, why not help their drug cartels as well?

Tomlet: Puttin' the white back in the Whitehouse since 2012.

There's the racism again. We need to support the great leader because we're so tolerant and believe in Obama's words. He'll bring economy back from it's knees. Two wall street crises. It's only a coincidence. It's not his fault, is it? Wait, it is.

But if Rick Perry becomes the new president, what about the war in the Middle East? Obama promised to take the soldiers out of there. It later turned out it's impossible. Too bad he didn't tell that to the voters four years ago.

If you're a gay Mexican like Tomlet, then I guess you should vote for the Democrat. The citizens that value patriotism, straightforwardness, honor and morality are going to vote for Rick Perry.
Uploaded 08/12/2011
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