I don't like you. I'm not trying to be a smartass here, but I just don't like you, like, at all. I'm not saying this to be bitter, I just wanna state a fact here. I'm not saying i hate you or dislike you or anything like that, i have no animosity or sympathy towards you, i'm just saying that i'm getting a glimpse of your personality through your writing and i'm not liking any of it. I don't like your avatar, your blogs, your uploads or even your username. I don't like the fact that you like horror movies, that you're good at poker, cooking and that you speak spanish. I don't know why. I don't like your tastes, your mentality, the way you think, the vocabulary you use, and it's not like i haven't tried, i really tried man, i gave it my best shot, but i give up now. I can't. I can't like you. Now I'm certainly not saying that you're a douchebag nor that you're not likeable. I'm sure that there's a lotta people out there that like you. A lot. I'm just not one of them and I probably never will be. I happen to be at the very end of the Tomlet's likeness spectrum. I have nothing in common with you, and your interests don't interest me. The blog section is large enough for the both of us, let's just not reply to each other's comment (a 
"let's agree to disagree" kinda deal if you will).

If you don't remember me, I'm noigraud, I used to write blogs about cats, cockroaches and canadians. After reading your recent blogs I realize that I'm your exact opposite. And it's not some yin and yang shit, I don't need you. I don't want any part of you in my life. I wish that nothing but good things happen in your life, so long as you're not interfering with mine.

Your life is probably better than mine, I mean I know you're going through a divorce and all which sucks, but on the bright side at least you were in a long relationship so you beat me right there cos christ knows no female would degrade herself enough to marry my ass I'll tell you that much, some golddingging whore once put a move on me but I could see that shit coming from MILES nigga, so I'd probably trade you, so long as I don't get your personality in the process, any will do just not yours, that's all I ask. Your attitude stinks Tomlet, but then again, so does mine, just in a very different way. There's nothing I can discuss with you. I don't wanna be your friend, I don't wanna speak to you, I don't wanna know anything about you, get stoned with you and I don't wanna hear from you ever again. If you feel like talking about something one of these days, please don't let it be with me. Let's not be hypocrites and pretend to get along. I know the feeling is mutual. So le'ts just leave each other alone, do our own things, stay in our respective worlds and be well. 

Uploaded 07/12/2011
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