Too Much Freedom

I've blogged about this before, I think, but that was a long time ago, and many of you I'm sure weren't even around back in the "old days" when I was still blogging here. Obviously I've returned, but it's been some time.


Anyway, the issue of this blog is that Americans have too much freedom. Yes, there is such a thing. Perhaps freedom isn't the right word for it, though. A better way to say it, I think, is that we have too many rights. Too many things to which we are entitled simply for living, breathing, and having opposable thumbs. 


The point where it became too much is the point where we began to feel that we were entitled to be comfortable. So entitled, in fact, that some of us believe our government is responsible for protecting us from even the most trivial and insignificant discomforts. A perfect example is a woman, who I heard mentioned on the news the other day, whose story would never have been newsworthy were it not so absolutely ridiculous. This woman went to burger king, and they got her order wrong, and then refused to fix it at no charge. Yeah, I'd be annoyed too, but this lady? She called 911. She insisted the police come to burger king and intervene.


They played the recording of the call, much to the amusement of all us listeners, as this frantic woman angrily tried to convince the 911 operator that she was justified in calling 911 over this, while the 911 operator repeatedly told her she was not going to send the police out because burger king got the lady's order wrong. At one point, I shit you not, the lady said "You're supposed to protect me!!" to which the 911 operator responded "From a cheeseburger?" 


An extreme example I admit, but there are others if you care to look into it. People think they are entitled to be protected, by state and federal law, from even being offended. Sexual Harassment is another good example, and more common than the one I gave. I realize SH is a real and serious issue, and something should be done about it... but the laws they have in place to control it are so loosely defined and easily taken advantage of, that women can probably succeed in charging men with sexual harassment over things that aren't remotely sexual. Basically if the woman claims that she FEELS harassed, the guy is fucked. It will stand, in most courts. There are other discrimination laws that function on similar principles... whether or not the crime occurred seems to  be based almost entirely on whether or not the supposed victim simply FEELS discriminated against. 


It all feeds into the great and growing cancer we call Political Correctness. We are growing weaker as a species, because those in power are being made to coddle to the lazy and the inept, the insecure and the effeminately oversensitive. We are being empowered to be lazy and weak, because our governments will provide for us even if we do nothing to earn it, and protect us from the slightest offense or discomfort. And when you give people the ability to be weak and lazy and have others care for them when they won't care for themselves, do you know what they're going to do?


Anything they can get away with doing. 

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