Too Soon

One of my closest friend's brother committed suicide last Wednesday. I found out about it this morning. His brother had 3 kids, a wife and a good,steady well paying job. As I left my friend a voice message, the words 'I can only imagine what you are going through' came out. That has been where my brain has been for most of today. Imagining...




....the loss of the oldest sibling that was always the leader in tough times like the passing of their parents


....the pain my friend must be feeling that he may have not seen or ignored a warning sign


....his brother's family and the thousand pieces that their lives have been instantly shattered into


....the loss felt when an older sibling passes. (I am the youngest of five.)


...the anger that seems to always follow the selfish act of suicide.


...the level of despair his brother must have felt to be unable to let the good things in his life matter.


I believe that things happen for a reason. Sometimes we understand those reasons and other times we don't. It is times like these that I get very, very confused. What purpose could this have served? I doubt I will ever know.  I wasn't sure about sharing this here. EBW is a place for me to get away from the rut and get a few laughs. Maybe someone will read this and get something from it.


Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 08/17/2009
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