Top 10 favorite movies

1.The Shawshank Redemption- I just can't see another movie bumping this one down, forever no.1.

2.The Dark Knight- I thought because of all the hype it would just be above average, but it really lived up to it, awesome.

3.Spider-Man 2- The best superhero/action movie I had ever seen until the dark knight came along this summer.

4.Unbreakable- My favorite movie my m.night shyamalan movie, a great twist.

5.Crash- An amazing cast of actors that turned into a fantastic movie.

6.Transformers- I honestly didn't know anything about them till the movie came out but now i'm a huge fan, awesome action movie.

7.The Matrix- My favorite is Reloaded but all of them are great to me.

8.Dumb and Dumber- My favorite comedy movie of all time.

9.Star Wars- My favorite of all of them is revenge of the sith, great all the way through though.

10.Anchorman- Always makes me laugh even though i've seen it like 60 times.


I'm sure if i had time to really think about it I might change a few, but this is off the top of my head, obviously i'm an action guys and i'm 18 so most are pretty recent, but i'll give credit to some great drama's and comedies.

Uploaded 08/30/2008
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