Top 10 Most Redicilous Laws

Law is a rule made to maintain order and protect population from harm. But there is a saying "Every village has its idiot" and many countries have foolish laws that make no sense to a normal human being. These are the top 10 foolish laws;

1. Death in English House of Parliament


It is illegal for any individual to die inside the house of Parliament. If an individual dies inside the London's House of Parliament he will be prosecuted. I am not sure how this is possible but a law even mentions prison time.


2. Switzerland After 10 Toilet Flush


It is illegal in Switzerland to flush your toilet after 10 pm if you live in an apartment (flat). This law does not apply to those who live in houses. Police sometimes do random checks to see whether toilets were flushed after 10 pm and if they find a law breaker they publicly name and shame them.


Freedom to Urinate


In United Kingdom a pregnant woman is allowed to urinate anywhere she wants or needs. Supermarket, the street, even a policeman's hat. She cannot be prosecuted or be warned by any representative of the law as it would damage her dignity and integrity. In fact any individual who publicly shows their disgust towards a pregnant woman urinating on the street can be legally prosecuted and gain criminal record.


3. Blindfold Driving


In US state Alabama it is illegal to drive a car while blindfolded. I guess they have so many people who do that a law had to be passed to make is illegal.


4. False Teeth


In US state Vermont wife must have written permission from her husband that allows her to have false teeth. Dentist inserting teeth without such permission to a wife, and wife herself are breaking the law and can go to jail.


5. Bahrain Genital Check


A male gynaecologist in Bahrain is allowed to look at woman's genitalia through a mirror reflection. His hands can do what they want inside, but he can't look at it directly. This law was passed because of religious beliefs country has.


6. Singapore Chewing Gum Law


In 1992 law was passed in Singapore that made chewing gum an illegal offence. The law was passed to ensure that people do not stick their chewing gum under the tables, seats and so on. No gums are sold in shops until today. In 2004 the law was revised and now allows chewing of gum to those who try to quit smoking.


 7. Toilet Friendly Scotland


In Scotland if a stranger knocks on your door and requests use of your toilet you mustn't refuse them the access. I am not sure if a person can be prosecuted or just warned if they refuse a stranger access to their toilet. I would refuse, but point to the nearest bush or tree where they can relive themselves.


8. Florida Parachuting


Single women in Florida, USA, are not allowed to parachute on Sundays. Usually if they found to break the law, they are fined, however repetitive law breakers do end up in jail (prison).


9.10.North Korea


9. North Korea never signed Human Rights Act. Meaning that human being in North Korea has no right to vote, public opinion, freedom of speech, private life, have one phone call, have jury to decide their guilt. Technically, Government can put to prison, kill, shoot or even eat a human being, without any justification and still be within the law.

10. A phone call to another country via satellite or mobile phone is treason, followed swiftly by life time in prison camp, or death. However, I found that North Korea has no means of contacting outside world via land line, and the Government officials contact other countries via satellite and mobile phones themselves, so go figure.


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