Top 5 Users

Well this is the first blog i have decided to write and its pointed towards the Top 5 Users system.  Yes we all get it, whoever uploads the most throughout the day gets in the top 5 users of the site.  For the users out there who think quallity is better than quantity like myself, this is a problem. I propose a new system for the Top 5 Users disaster.  Why Not make it so that the Top 5 Users were based more on points and views rather than uploads?  This way the people who upload the best videos are the Top 5 users and not the ones uploading a bunch of crap.  My 11 year old brother got on the Top 5 Users a couple of days ago lol and his videos were either reposts or crap so something should be done about that lol.  By the way, dont you think that if someone gets a feature, they should be on the Top 5 Users?  It seems only fare.  So what do you think?  Should the Top 5 Users be based on uploads or views and points?  Let me know how you feel about this subject

Uploaded 10/16/2008
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