Touch and go part 2...

I woke this morning to my pug/chihuahua mix crunching on something and I knew I hadn't fed him so looking real close and, what did I see, this dumb shit was chewing wasps and they sounded pretty damn crunchy. I guess we shouldnt be surprised by this because this is the pet that eats crap and spends most of their time sniffing other butts. (think of that next time you kiss your dog on the mouth) There is a dog door so he got out before I did and looking in the back yard the carnage was quite nice, wasps lying everywhere and my dog having a good old time and then it hit me what if my dog gets some of that poison in his system? People will spend their last dollar on their family pet, I am not this person the only thing I saw was dollar signs and am I now going to have to weigh a Vet bill against a shovel ready project,(bury the dog) this was for the political people out there who think we dont have these kinds of jobs out there and does anybody know where I can find me an illegal to do some shovling? The dog got booted back inside the house until I could rake up the what did I do with that rake? Oh yea in the garbage, better get that back out of there, for the love of God dont tell my old lady I couldn't stand the I told you so look.


OK the place raked up and my now favorite tool in the shed "the rake" how do any of us survive with out a rake is beyond me. I reach and get the Holy Grail, the weed eater and I am now thinking of murder because my old lady burnt it up last time she used it. I found this out with a phone call and for the love of God I just want to cut 40" of grass!  This project is now tuning into a cost overrun I didn't see coming.I go to everybody's favorite Chinese store "Walmart" to buy a new weed eater and if my dog dies I will have to buy a shovel it would just be cheaper to put rocks down. I Asked my brother if he still had his old riding lawnmower because I thought I could just park the thing on the grass and periodically go out and start it up for about a minute and I would be done, hell I wouldn't even have to move it just start it up and when it isn't being used I could use it to sit and drink beer on like Hank Hill. OK this is where the story ends but dont give up hope I still have to assemble the Chinese weed eater I just bought. Coming soon  Touch and go part 3??????    I hope not!


Thanks for reading Bohank (Wasp Killer)

Uploaded 08/17/2009
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