Tranformers: Dark Of The Moon - Rant & Review

My place looks a little emtpy so here's a rant & and review from me, for the film...

Transformers: Dark of The Moon

Went to the premier on the 28th, and WOW! Talk about a fun ride. First half is a mix of action and slow parts. But the 2nd half is a continuous blast of a ride.

But of course, if there's killing, action, blood. Critics will hate, it's if they are paid off to give negative reviews to movies with violence. Ya know who I'm talking about. I guess there parents didn't let them watch transformers, beast wars, and beast machines, lol.

All in all, a film definitely worth checking out. Everything there, noting missing. Visuals that will melt your eyes with glistening beauty. No critics, transformers: dark of the moon is not a moving, deeply meaning movie, like Schindler's list, albeit that film is amazing to. It's a pulse pounding ride, that's what it is. It blows your mind with fun not meaning. A good script would be a waste, and then we would be sitting around in boring non-action scenes. It's an action film, not a drama.

Extremely Recommended.

Uploaded 06/29/2011
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