Transvestites and Monkey Semen

Holy Christ. It's almost 6am here in the Pacific Northwest and I need to go to bed but I'm not tired. I had to take my GF to the airport at like 2:45am... Yuckadoodle. I pounded beer at 8 last night and got 3 hours of shut-eye but wasn't tired when I rolled back in at 4:30. Didn't have more beer and beer is my Ambien.

I swigged some Amaretto and hopefully the alcohol content is slightly higher than the nasty sugar content. Why do chicks like sweet booze. Yuckadoodle!

GF's going to North Dakota for a wedding. I opted out. I've BEEN to North Dakota. Yuckadoodle! I prefer it here in the Seattle area. We have pine trees and fresh water. North Dakota water tastes like monkey semen filtered through cow shit. Yuckadoodle!

Had a few random thoughts:

-Ever since social networks hit the scene, the word, "Friend," can now be used as a verb. I will 'friend' you.

-What if there was a transvestite nudist? Would he get off on NOT wearing any womens' clothing?

-A relative wrote on FaceBook that she found a baby-sitter and isn't it nice to find someone who enjoys spending time with your kid? um...yeah...unless it's a 36 year-old guy who works at GameCrazy.

Well, buttholes, I need to try to get some shut-eye or all day long I'll feel YUCKADOODLE!

Uploaded 07/23/2010
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