Traveling The Country- Update 2

Well here is a small update on my roadtrip, I was at a small town diner on U.S. Highway 55, a nice family owned diner, picture the old diners in the movies in your head, thats what it looked like.

Well I walked in the diner, which about a dozen people were eatting and conversating with each other. I sat down at a booth and ordered my food, grilled cheese and noodle soup (Best Ever), ate and read a paper on "attractions" in the area. About 20 minutes after being in the diner, a older man, probably in his late 60's sparked a conversation asking if I was from out of town. I told him I was and I was on a roadtrip of the country which sparked his imagination i I swear we talked for almost an hour, this man was so intriguing that i couldn't get up and leave. It was odd because I'm not a big talker, more laid back and easy going unless provoked..but i felt like I could have sat there and talked with him for eternity.

Well a subject came up about ancestory, he was of polish and russian decent, and he actually spoke it well. This was an amazing experience to interact with people you will never be able to see again, intelligent, decent, hard working, pure Americans. This saddened me because the fact that people like him will be gone in a couple decades, all the knowledge in their minds and experiences.

With the greatest generation aging and all of the problems occuring in the world, the time we live in, it makes you wonder if we are sadly digging our own grave.




Uploaded 11/26/2008
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