Troll Queen.

It's occurred to me I'm some type of troll Houdini.

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting pm's from all kinds of users informing me there's some type of cult following on my part. It seems the less time I spend on eBaums, the more I'm the subject of conversation.

They tell me I've got to see it - the blog section's resident fail troll has mentioned my name something like 126 times. Apparently this loser misses me so much people had to look me up due to some paranoid accusations they were me, or "working" with me. (I heard Jason Bourne got into it, too.)


Supposedly, blogs full of shit stories have gone up and tons of new alts have been born. And in the same fell swoop, they're all anxiously waiting for my blogs, and arguing with each other over me.


I've even received several notes that this fail troll, along with two other tools from the now-defunct chat, have been working for something like two months trying to figure out all my personal info. From the piss-poor effort they've exerted so far, I'm apparently a minimum-wage worker (figures) named "Kathy". This is based on nothing, since the very little info I've ever given is nothing close to posting your Facebook page.


I'm thinking this is due to the recent news that someone did a quick reverse-image search on the fail troll's Fb page and located the uncensored one in something like 30 seconds. In short, thanks to this moron's own stupidity, everyone has a crapload of information on them. I don't get how being kicked around translates to it being a huge conspiracy led by me, but I'm really flattered. In checking out all the things people are making fun of this failure over, it explains all this made-up shit regarding my "job" on my blogs. Projection of one's own problems or status is a frequent practice of people like this.

Maddox has stated "trolling" is too convenient an excuse for losers who are caught in bullshit. But from my experience, I say it's easier to spot your game. Basically, anyone who brags they're impossible to troll are the easiest in the world to piss off. And how much simpler could it be, causing so much distress and desperate toil without saying a fucking word?


I took a hiatus a few weeks ago so I could enjoy a nice vacation with one of said tools' gay crush, my Fuzzball. And after a week of total absence, my inbox is full of notes regarding haters' activity. Nobody knows what I possibly could've done to piss people off so fucking bad without being here, but you gotta admit - they're some serious trolling skills.

Going with the usual 16-hr. time frame our resident fail troll is on the site every day, my blogs are sequentially hit by all their new alts: thekongofcool, Hotel_Manager, NutGobbler(an impersonating alt with a capital "I" in place of the "l", cutedude - even the long-scorned and bitter blueberrybunch tries to get in on the attempts once in awhile. It's pretty obvious, the effort to make up for all the embarrassment from users on his/her own blogs.

Although I'm flattered as always to have so many fans (losers included), there's only one aspect concerning me. It's returning after that week to find nothing had been done regarding these individuals' attempting to find my info, as well as their stupidity in actually spreading around they're trying.

Not that I'm the least bit confident they could find a thing, I've still taken the opportunity to contact eBaum's legal department over taking this issue up a major step. It shouldn't be too difficult, considering these users' track records.

I'm still happy to have plenty of readers and subscribers, and considering what I've been reading on this loser's blogs, it makes me feel a lot happier I don't work in maintenance or have a neglected child. Thanks to all the users who've sent me messages of support and info.

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