Trolling Omegle Part 2

Ok, so on Omegle, 90% of the time your run into horny old men or young boys who either want to cyber or share dirty pics.  You can spot them because they start by asking "asl?" even though it specifically tells you that it's boring.  Or they just say "m / f?" or something like that.  5% really just want to talk.  Then you have the other 5% who are people from poorly run mental institutions who have somehow gained computer access.  Either that or they think they are being clever trolls to the unsuspecting.  These people, because they think they are clever, are the most fun to troll.  Again it works best to pretend to be dumber than they are, which can at times be a challenge.  The following is one of those encounters - Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about! You: hi Stranger: Hey You: what's up? Stranger: are you human? You: I am :P You: you? Stranger: nothing is up, well the sky is up. Stranger: i'm a fairy :) You: what's your name? You: I think the proper term is homosexual Stranger: no! You: fairy is considered mean Stranger: my name is Amaranth You: or you can say gay You: gay is also acceptable Stranger: i'm not gay You: but fairy is considered degrading Stranger: i'm from neverland. You: no? You: dude you're totally gay! You: lol You: sorry Stranger: i find you very offending. Stranger: =( You: but I think you are in denial You: it's ok to be yourself Stranger: i'm agirl though You: oh You: then that's a lesbian You: funny Stranger: your making me cry Stranger: i cant fly now =( You: lesbians don't usually don't call themselves fairies though You: I'm sorry You: hey your sexual orientation is fine with me You: I'll be your friend no matter what Stranger: i'm disconnecting You: it's ok Stranger: i wouldve offered you a wish You: I accept you as you are You: oh wait Stranger: but you wont get one now. You: I'll take the wish Stranger: no. You: I wish you were happy with yourself the way you are! Stranger: because i'm crying and when a fairies upset their magic goes. You: you really should stop saying fairy You: it's a hate crime in some places Stranger: go away! You: hey no need to be mean Stranger: may the evil spirits take your soul and burn it! You: I'm your ally You: this is a safe space friend You: you can be open and honest with me Stranger: dont call me friend! You: hey it's ok You: were your parents strict with you? You: was it hard to be yourself? Stranger: my parents are dead. You: did you grow up in a very religious environement? You: they are dead? You: omg Stranger: and Ethelbert took me to neverland and made me fairy. You: I'm so sorry You: that is terrible You: omg really? Stranger: ethelbert is really nice and motherly You: you know there is no statute of limitations on child rape You: you should still report it You: this ethelbert should not get away with it Stranger: ethelebert is fairy king You: probably has um taken other to neverland and made them fairies as you put it You: oh I bet he is Stranger: i'm disconnecting You: there are stong laws against fairy kings! You: it's ok to be you! Stranger: again, the evil spirits shall take away your soul! You: I support you! Stranger: and your life will be cursed! You: oh there's no need to be bitchy with me You: that's just not nice You: I'm trying to be supportive Stranger: badd day, offender.] You: huh? Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Uploaded 08/18/2009
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