trolling the trolls!

     Its not a hard concept.  Trolling a troll.  The only issue is whether or not you want to drop down to their level and turn everything they do back on them.

     A prime example of trolling in our resident retard Neko.  Weve all gotten pms from this fictitious creature.  Most with questions like are you butt hurt.

     So how do you stop them from trolling?  Answer is you dont.  But you can get even.  Turn everything they do around on them.  Every time I get A pm from this obvious louse I send one back.  Every time It claims youre an alt?  Let it slide, since the damn thing has admitted to having 40 alts itself. 

     Truth be told Neko gets enjoyment out of frustrating people.  So instead of leaving yourself open to its attacks, begin attacking it yourself.

     Watch the comments of blogs, when it deletes a comment it made jump all over it!  Take screen shots and post a new blog.  Rail against this thing till it learns its true place in the bloggers community.  Which is at the bottom of the barrel.

     Want to see how to turn the tables on this damn thing?  Read a tomlet blog.  He always shuts that thing down.  Having problems with Neko sending pms?  screen shot them and make it feel like the reject it is!

Uploaded 08/06/2011
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