trolling was fun while it lasted on this doom sight

yea well over the course of being on this gay sight i have made many comments only for trolling purposes, the funny thing is they all came true, so with out due here comes the shit that you cant comment back on you fucking dumb ass wasters!!! did you really think that you were going to get that piece of shit mustang? even if you do goto your still not going to get shit, its still ran by fucking retards, the only diffrence is they didnt go full retard like eric fucking fat ass ebaum, they only went half retard, well good for them, no...... i say fuck that they shoud have burnt the fucking building down and destroyed the other workers cars before they left.... i mean a fucking filter? a fucking filter? man thats hard core , a fucking comment filter? jesus fucking christ what a bunch of fucking pussies, why the fuck would i go to a newly created sight by a fucking unemployed pussies? i think il go to or because thats were the fucktards get their media anyways, saving up e-rep points for a fucking shitstain mustang, thats the biggest prank of the year so far. i could go on but in reality you know that your all just a bunch of fucking wasters!!! hahhahhhhahhahhhahhahhahhahhhahhahhahhhahhahhhahaha fucking wasters get a job!!!! p.s i know your girlfriends look like mutants but in this time of shame for you guys, ill go fuck them for ya, ya fuckin wasters , worthless, and people are wondering whats wrong with the economy hahhhahha!!

Uploaded 01/31/2009
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