Trolling Yahoo Personals.

This is a fake personals account I made with bobbagknoosh's photo.


My life: I am a self-centered, egotistical jerk. I'm sweet only if you are telling me something I like to hear or if I'm horny. Otherwise, I couldn't care less about your favorite college football team and how they have principles or how the minorities treat you in your state job. I think I'm the bee's knees even though my game is wack and quite old school. The last time I got any action, popped collars and bronze tans were in style. I like the style so I maintain. My personality: What personality?My match: Must be at least 18 years old to ride. Valid drivers license and a credit check required. Must have at least 6 months experience with squeezing zits and pulling ingrown hairs. Cooking skills are not necessary as I know how to cook and I will not eat your pathetic excuse for food even if the alternative is a pile a cat poop. Social drinkers are acceptable but, if you're fat, you have to brag about your big boobs all night long in order to feel adequate around the skinny girls. Must have cute feet that are able to keep their own warmth without me having to sit on them or have you wake me in the middle of the night with your crusty blocks of dry ice. Equal Opportunity Sex Machine.

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