Tron - Running Out Of Movie Ideas?

You probably have a special movie that you like for some reason. One that's somehow awesome and unique to you. It can be even some shitty, low budget film like "Clerks." It's original and you know there's no other movie like this one. There are a lot of movies which can be called milestones. Terminator 2 with Axl Rose on soundtrack and Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best years of career - now this is a movie like nothing before. Mad Max, Beetlejuice, Die Hard, Pretty Woman, ET...

How about some movies from the early 2000s? A whole decade in cinematics - what are the milestones of that period? Take your time. One will do. No? Not even one?

The sad thing is, Hollywood ran out of movie ideas. Producers prefer easy investments and copy the old standards. Avatar? More like Blue Pocahontas in Space 3D. Inception? It's just Vanilla Sky mixed with Mission Impossible. How about Saw? It had almost as many sequels as Friday The 13th. Somebody figured out that there's something like Asian horror movies and soon a bunch of shitty remakes were made. The Ring and other "there's a creepy little girl demon/ghost after me and I'm cursed" movies. No originality. How about we make some awesome sequels to the already legendary ones? And here we go - Rocky, Terminator, Rambo....

I understand that they ran out of ideas. They need to get money somehow. But this? They've made the movie Tron? Movie about a stupid guy from YouTube who isn't even that funny or special? The Tron Guy deserves to have a movie now? With Olivia Wilde? Who's next, the Star Wars kid?
Uploaded 01/16/2011
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