Trophy Girl

I looked across the table at her, again. I found myself staring at her quite often. She always pretended she didnt see me, but I knew.

 She was easily the most attractive women I ever dated. I have to admit that I got jealous at first when we would go places together. It was intimidating to have every guy from 13 to 83 do a double take when she went by. Even better were the times some jackass would come up and hit on her as if I wasnt even there. But I kept it cool and I think she respected me for that.


I took another bite from my special Sunday morning amulet. She was having a bagel and some tea.

"So I was looking into this resort down at the shore. I thought we should head down there for a long weekend at the end of the month." I said trying to sound very matter-of-fact.


She took another bite from her bagel, took another sip of tea and without looking up said.

"I dont know, Im going to be pretty busy then."


There was a pregnant pause as I thought through my options." Well we could move it to the middle of the month. "


Another uncomfortable pause." Look" she said," youre a nice guy, and Ive had fun, but, I think we might be over. "


Now my mind is racing. Im trying to appear unmoved, but my brain is exploding.

"Over, really, Huh, Well it has been fun. You are definitely the hottest girl Ive ever hung out with. Youre the only girl I could have ever said was like a Trophy girl friend."


She looked up at me." Trophy girl friend? Gee thanks. Im glad you saw some value in me. You know Im a lot more than just looks. Theres a real human being inside this trophy. You might think about my feelings you know."


I couldnt help but crack a smile." Your feelings? Youre the one who just dumped me out of the blue."


Another long pause as we both tried to appear indifferent. Finally she broke the silence." So whats this resort you were looking at?"


"Just a second, Ill grab the brochure".

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