Troy Davis - Execution Justice was done

Many of you may have heard about the Troy Davis, this guy in Georgia who was sentence to death in 1991 (almost 23 years ago). Before I get into the real story about this guy I want to address the recent media coverage of this execution.


Over the past week and especially the last few days, the media has had a field day with anti-death penalty rhetoric; calling this case a farce, a travesty of justice, a perversion of justice, what's wrong with out legal system, and the list goes on and on. They made this guy out to be a innocent by stander, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, who had nothing to do with the crimes he was accused, found guilty, and sentenced for. They made him out to be some symbol for legal reform or reasons why the death penalty doesn't work and shouldn't be used.

I turned to Current to hear Olberman and he was all anti capital punishment and this guy should be granted clemency...MSNBC ED Show and Maddow all has similar views and comments and actually showed the protests and "press conferences" afterwards. CNN, FOXNew, Local networks...all painted a picture of some LEGAL TRAVESTY GONE WRONG. That this guy was a saint and innocent and should be free after 23 yrs in prison. (death row)


Here's the real story.


In August 19, 1989 Troy Davis left a pool party where he pulled his gun and shot a man in the face, later that night he met up with two other people at a Burger King where Davis and another man pistol whipped a homeless man for some "beer". Police officer Mark MacPhail was working security at the Burger King and when he intervened he was shot and killed by Davis.


Several witnesses stated they saw Davis do the shooting (34 were called by the procecution), and some testified that Davis has confessed to them. Although no gun was found, ballistics tests show that the bullets came from a gun that was used in the other (earlier that evening) shooting.


The Defense called 6 witnesses including Davis. The Jury was 7 Blacks and 5 Whites.


In Testimony Davis' Mother stated that he was with her at her house. However Davis admited to being at the scene where the homeless man was being beaten. [how can he be in 2 places at once?]

Davis Before deliberations asked for a "second chance" again another admission of guilt.


I think the real tragedy and travesty is the way the media portrayed this guy and totally disregarded that family of the slain officer. This mans family has waited 20+ years to see justice carried out and all that can be done is call the conviction a sham and pervision of justice.


LET ME TELL YOU THIS GUY WAS NOT INNOCENT, He was there, he was complicit, was guilty, Accused, tried, convicted, sentenced,,,and NOW DEAD.


Media should be ashamed.

RIP Office MacPhail


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