Truce Platypuss??

We have had our differences in the past and i feel it is time for us to put them where they already are, in the past. Now, i understand that we both have a deep hatred for each other, you dislike my blog topics and comments and the same goes for me to you. But i feel deeper down, there is a connection. Is it the hate that keeps us going at each others necks or is it the love? We may have a lot of differences but isnt the old saying, Opposities Attract? We both love the ganja yet if we were to smoke together id whip out a dutch to roll the weed in and youd take out your rolling papers. Even the one topic we both know and love we would argue about. Well i think its time, as im sure you have been thinking, Its time we bang this out. Lets just do it. Why not? Well meet up, toke the reefer, and then just have rough sex where we take out our anger toward each other. Im game if you are...... friend??



Uploaded 06/01/2009
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