True Genius

Many a time have I been called a genius. This is true but for the wrong reasons. Maybe it is because my fellow students were astonished at my high grades or ability to solve problems that were inconcievable to them. Or maybe it is because of my extremely high IQ, but whatever the reason no one has recognized my genius for the right reasons ever. True genius is not defined in books or anything that someone without the mental capacity to understand it can obtain. True genius is defined by the ability to think, truly think about the things that most people would find uncomfortable thinking about and come to a concusion on the subject. For instance, this subject is debated every day and that is whether there is an afterlife. Most people blindly believe that yes there is an afterlife and give it no further thought for fear that God might punish them in that afterlife. I envy these people. I have doubts about the afterlife and God because I have to think all the time. Some people force themselves to think and then regret it when they come to a bump in their perfect road to heaven and then get worried about and quickly take their mind off of the subject so that they no longer have to face the doubt that is in all of us. I, on the other hand take the doubt head on and challenge it. If what is said in my religion is true and there is a god and there is a heaven then how I have led my life according to the bible will bring me to heaven, then again is there is no god and heaven when I die there will be nothing to remember me by and I will simply cease to exist and not even know it. I sometimes close my eyes, cover my ears, and hold my breath to try to feel what it might be like but I simply cannot see it. Being just a memory, not being able to feel, see, touch, talk, love and longer. That is how I see everything around me. I often get the feeling that I should stop thinking about these things because they make me feel very scared about the future but I don't stop until I fully understand everything I come in contact with. I have not yet achieved this goal of true understanding of life but I know that when I do, that is when I will achieve the greatest form of genius there is. I have but traveled a portion of the path to genius and I believe that we all have the chance to achieve this but out time on this earth runs out long before we can. I will most likely achieve this genius before my time is up but it will most likely be the day I die. This is my opinion, what is yours?

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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