It was about 9pm or some shit. I don't really pay much attention to time. When you're as rich and powerful as me time doesn't matter. I
get what i want when i want, and if i don't the shits gonna hit the fuckin fan. Me and my boy are in the back of our limo with my main bitch
natalie. Tell her we're going to hit up a club and get our fuckin drink on. We reach the place, tell my bitch to wait in the car, we'd be back
in a few hours. Bitch doesn't give me lip anymore, i'm scary as fuck. Walk right up to the front of the line, bouncers let us in right away,
names everywhere, all famous and shit. Get into the place, right away i can notice all the bitches checking me and my niggers out. Fuckin
have bitches all over us once we step foot in the place. We take a walk up to the vip, bouncer standing infront of the door and shit. Tell him
he's got 30 seconds to get the vip cleared out. Fuckin see this asshole joe rogan in there, he was giving me a dirty look. I took that
fuckin look right off his face with my fist. This stupid asshole Eddie Bravo comes up and sucker punches me in the abdomen,
asshole breaks his fuckin hand on my abs. asshole then tries to pull the rubber gaurd on me, too bad my elbow decorated his stupid fuckin
face. After that had bitches lining up to get a piece of this, had them buying me drinks and shit. I guess they wanted to brag to their
friends about sleeping with a gracie fighter or some shit. Fucken makin these bitches famous and shit.

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