Woke up this morning at about 6 am to go for my run, and got a call from my nigger ryan saying
" yo drew lets hit up the beach today brah"
After my run i went to the steak house with my nigger Ryan. That's all we fucken eat, steak and pussy.
You would too if you had our jacked fibras.
Fucken body is just pumping with pure power and tesosterone, jacked as fuck.
Fuckin finish eating my steak and i ask this bitch to get me my bill.
Fuckin tell her i'm payin with credit card. Stupid bitch tells me i have
to go to the front counter. Get to the front counter, give her my credit card.
Bitch is dicking around, Every second this bitch is losing me
is another lost inch that would be placed on my ripped 22 inch pythons.
 Fuckin waiting around thinkin about all the pussy i'm gonna crush while
this bitch is takin her sweet as time. Fuckin bitch moves her hand towards me
all quick like with a pen to get me to sign some shit. Fuckin
sudden movements make me counter attack. Fucking crushed that bitches hand with a quick hammerfist.
 Bitch screams, i felt her bones crush
under the 5000 pounds of force i just struck her with.
 After all that shit we went to Muay-thai and sparred some runts for a couple hours.
Gets boring as fuck when you know you're the toughest mother fucker around, no challenge.
 It's about noon and we decide to head over
to the beach to pick up some bitches. Fuckin take off our shirts,
our ripped tan bodies are shining in the sun like greek gods. Insantly
about 10 bitches are surrounding us asking us if we want to come chill with them.
You know christmas came early for these bitches.

Uploaded 12/02/2008
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