True story.............

Many years ago I worked in one of those little booths at a parking garage in downtown Cincinnati. I worked 3rd shift as one of my jobs, because I was married and had kids and NEEDED money. I was taught if you are broke you work your way out of it not wait on welfare OK I digress....So one of my duties on this job was to run the homeless out of the lower areas. Now I figure anybody sleeping in a parking garage is pretty much on the downward slide of life and doesnt need someone running them out of anywhere. Now what I am about to tell you I dont think I am anything special because not only did I not run them out I would wake them up at 5 in the morning so they could get out before the owners came in. It got to the point where I got the nickname 5Th street avenger. Now come on guys play along because you see WAIF radio found out about it and casually mentioned that name on air during there 2 til 5am joke show where people would call in and tell jokes.


Well this went on for about 3 weeks until my manager came and asked me if I have heard about the guy helping people sneak into some garage in the downtown area. I of course said no but as you could imagine it was starting to get a little hot around there. There is a lot more to the story but the bottom line is when I quit a couple weeks later and was returning my uniform and picking up my last check I signed "5TH Street Avenger" I still remember the look on his face when he looked at it.    I call this sticking it to the MAN!!!


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/08/2008
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