Truth about Jesus

This is an informational blog about jesus. If you believe Jesus is the son of god, or god or w/e, read this. The following information is true and I wrote this because I constantly here Jesus being spoken about when the people who are talking about him don't really know the truth. Jesus is a character that is based mainly on the ancient egyption's sun god horus and astrology. Horus was born of a virgin, performed miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water, then was crucified. He was dead for three days then was ressurected. Sound familiar? Of course these are all qualities of Jesus. These qualities originate from the Eqyptians thinking their god horus was the sun. The sun as looked at from the northern hemisphere has shorter days everyday until the winter solstice on December 22 which the egyptians thought of as the death of the sun. Now if you track the pattern of the sun it moves less and less high every day until December 22. If you look at it for the next two days the sun stops moving down but it doesn't move up it either, it instead stays there. And then on December 25 the sun moves up 1 degree which the egyptians thought of as rebirth or ressurection. Which is where the dead for three days and ressurection comes from. The reason its death of crusifiction is because while the sun is at that point it lays right under the connstellation the southern cross, or crux. Well the christians don't celebrate this ressurection until easter which is always a sunday in late march or early april. This is because the light/sun doesn't "conquer" the night until the spring equinox which is always in late march. By conquer the night I mean that the days are finally longer than the nights. The reason Jesus is called the son of god is because of horus's old name god's sun. The whole reason Jesus is there in the first place is to symbolize the age of pices which started at 1 AD. What I mean by age of pices is, the earth has a small angular wobble known as the precession of the equinoxs. This wobble changes the astrolgical symbol on the spring equinox. It is called a precession because the symbols go backward. The entire wobble takes about 26000 years so it chages the symbol about every 2150 years. As I said the age of pices started at 1 AD and jesus is meant to symbolize that, which is why there are many refrences to fish in the bible and why the jesus fish that people put on their cars are fish at all. This is also shown in the bible by the many times it says the new age or anything to do with the age, becuase that is the age of pices. Proof of this is shown throughtout the bible. An example is when Jesus is asked by his dicsiples when the next passover will be and he says "Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water.." This man is aquarius, the next astrological symbol who is always shown holding a pitcher of water. Another example would be in the old testemete when moses comes down from mount sini(exuse the spelling) he sees his people worshiping a golden bull and he tells them to kill eachother for the sin. Moses symbolizes the age of aries and tells the people to kill themselves for worshiping the bull which is taurus. So he is transition from one age to the next.

So now you all see that Jesus was not the son of god or anything more than a new version of an ancient god.

There is a lot more I just don't feel like writing it all down. I hope you all have a better understanding of jesus now. I also hope I made sense.

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