Truth and Faith

Even for those of us who have great faith, there are times when our belief gets stressed to the max.  We have periods where it seems all is lost.  If we keep trying to believe, though, in spite of all indicators seemingly pointing to defeat, sometimes we see that all things DO work together for the better.

The important thing is continuing to be yourself rather than trying to put on airs.  Truth and honesty win out in the end because, in time, people will see through false personas.  Yes, sometimes the truth seems harsh at times, but with truth, we overcome.  Had it not been for brutal honesty, Strawberry wouldn't have had the faith to trust me enough to come here.  She saw that I was being real and knew that I had it in me to be able to forgive what had transpired.  Her parents also saw that I was being honest and true and they gave us their blessings.  This is just one example of the many ways that truth makes faith possible and faith becomes reality.

Even with faith, there are challenges to overcome, but those challenges seem insignificant when you have someone who has faith in you and you believe in them as well.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,

Cal-el & Strawberry
Uploaded 09/16/2011
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