Truth, Conspiracy and Complacency.

Truth is easy to define (Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada has a classic definition),  but hard to recognize, stabilize and tend to. It shifts around like a women with hot flashes trying to sleep on a hot muggy night. To find it, doesn't mean you will see it. To not know it doesn't mean you don't understand. Instinctively, we try to understand our world, this understanding is what sustains us. It directs our everyday, how we live, eat, raise our children, and for some people the blogs they write.

Seeking truth through conspiracy theories is a tough call. When you suggest a conspiracy you also accuse people and or their governments of crime, evil or immoral acts. Not something that should be done lightly. This road to truth can be similar to spreading rumors in a small community. A Rabbi was a asked by such a person who had spread rumors, "what can I do to rectify the damage I have done"? The Rabbi said, "go to the tallest mountain and rip open a pillow and let the feathers blow all over the country side. When you have collected every feather, then you will have corrected the wrong you have done". Obviously an impossible task.

I am guilty of the above offense, but I have learned a lot about how the world works and take my blogs about conspiracies or as I prefer to call them wrong doings, bad policies, corruption, mismanagement or disinformation seriously. I have learned to search for documentation that support my ideas. I have made the mistake of citing questionable   sights for documentation, but I do not necessarily accept their spin. I am trying to go to more official and reliable sites with some success. I also read many books that lead me to my ideas.

A problem with conspiracy theories whether true or false, and trying to convince others of their existence is that by offering them up, you risk being called a nut bar, in social circles not very productive. Many people simply cannot accept these stories, whether true or not, because it will undermine their understanding of the world. If some factory worker in the USA believed the scud missiles he is building is used by the USA to blow up innocent children, he might have a hard time showing up for work. So in order to carry on his life and pay his bills he must believe that is not the case.

Hakik in Guitarlovers blog made a great point on how conspiracy theorist come to a conclusion and then look for information that supports it. This is absolutely true and I have been guilty of that as well, but the reason for that is laziness and expediency. However, as I recall in science experiments, the student offers a hypothesis and then tries to prove or disprove it through experimentation. As time and experience has proven even science can observe those reactions and behaviors that support the hypothesis.

Guitarlover like I is a well meaning blogger, he feels pissed off about injustices and doesn't accept what the consensus offers him. Just like Hakik who smells a rat about a conspiracy theory, Guitarlover smells a rat from generally accepted beliefs. They both smell rats and the sewers run between both their houses. Guitarlover completely destroys any argument or relevancy that may be hidden within his blog by displaying it like a brick. One story at a time is much more effective and debatable. When I started doing blogs I laid out a mission statement with maybe six points on it, and was immediately purged to Hell's crotch. There are unsettling truths out there that need to be told. Don't dismiss them to the void of "conspiracy theory" by being too anxious.

Complacency, is to me is the greater evil. It makes people socially, intellectually and politically redundant. To live out your day to day life without learning of your environment, political situation, and questioning it, is flab of the mind and rot of your essence. In a world full of chaos, injustice and misunderstanding, to sit idly by like  a bobble head dog is to sign away your life and let other people run it like a weak pathetic looser.

The internet is an awesome power of information, it is also an awesome power of disinformation, use it wisely and learn about the world, because as far as I'm concerned the education system has become a giant example of copy pasta that has crippled the mind!


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