Try Thinking In Marxist Terms Materialism and Consumption


As one watches this video, I want them to remember a few themes. As a historian, I prefer to analyze things using Marxist analysis. The themes that I want the viewer to remember are materialism, commercialism, and distribution. Materialism is the most obvious theme here based on how the stereotypical woman loves walk-in closets, shoes and clothes. The men love beer (I hate heineken); hence why his walk-in closet is a beer room. Commercialism becaue Heineken is shown here as the manly beer to have, and that it adds up to a good time. The rest I feel you can discover for yourself since I do not have a lot of room to write here. Plus I got more shit to do with my last semester at college, I graduate May 2009.


Just to be clear, Marxism does not necessarily mean communism or socialism. In fact, the Bolsheviks truly insult Marx. Marxism is an economic and polical theory that the dominant class in a society exploits that "masses," this causes class struggle and can be considered one of the main devices of historical change as well as recording. He states that capitalism lays the foundation for corruption, which in turn can cause mass-class struggles resulting in violence. The end result, according to Marx, would be a totally classless society, which is called socialism or communism. There is no evil in communism, the people who have allegedly tried to implement it, like Stalin and Castro, have turned it into a dictatorship; hence that is not communism but the result of corrupt officials taking advantage of the "masses". 

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