Trying To Live Life As A Cat

As you all probably know by now, I am in fact a cat.

Unless you have been living under a rock or have a social life of some sort you would know that last week I came out and showed ebaumsworld that I am a cat. I did this by following 1 simple rule on the ebaumsworld "Halloween contest" this rule was "take a picture of yourself" I was in my awesome ghost face Halloween costume along with a fake bloody knife, it was pretty cool and I dont break rules so obviously it was a picture of ME and not my pet cat.


You probably think its my own fault for bringing this hell upon me. You're right i did join this Halloween contest knowing that people would find out that i am in fact a cat, and i was very nervous at first but i decided to upload the picture anyways and I was planning to take it down if I got a lot of negative reviews. The weird thing is, i got the opposite response, in fact I had the second most stared rated picture for the contest and people were loving my costume. I thought for sure i could make it into the top 10 at least (lets face it tawpa was going to win)
I as well didn't know that ebaumsworld had a "no cats" policy for any contests they hold, if i did i would have just kept my secret in for longer, trusting clark kent not to tell anyone.


After you all realized I was a cat you have been spamming my inbox with questions like,

are you really a cat?
How is it like being a cat?
I wish i was a cat,  how do i become one?
Is it true that cats always land on their feat?
Why didn't I see your picture in the top 10 for the costume contest?
If you actually are a cat, why aren't you a "jeans"?
You always talk about your cat Milo, if your a cat who is he?

I will try and answer them all here, Yes I am actually a cat
 Its hell being a cat (I'll explain that further later)
You cannot "become a cat", 99% of the time you must be born one, you see I was created in a test tube as a "clone cat" but then the scientist touched the petri dish i was growing in and i became half human half cat.
The 1% was when this man was bit by a radio active cat when his school was on a field trip to this science center. He is now a super hero called "catman"
Yes cats always land on their feat
Im not sure why I wasn't in the top 10, Im guessing it was because of the no cat policy.
and lastly im not a jeans because all cats are different, there are more then just jean species of cats that can talk, use the computer, and live in modern day society.
I am Milo, i just talked about myself in 3rd person to protect the secret

Why does it suck living as a cat you might ask? Well lets see, whenever I go on ebaumsworld my keyboard fills full of cat hair, and i dont have any fingers to clean it so my keys get stuck, when im constantly being judged and everyone thinks there better then me, I have a brain of a human and the needs and urges of a human but since im a cat i cant satisfy those and no girls ever going to go out with me, and those are just to name a few, there are thousands of reasons why its not to grand to be a cat.


Some of you may think if "lying" about this all, and you may say things like

"if your a cat, why were you a human in the user video?!" Well you see, I got my friends little brother to do that video for me, UCM wanted me to enter and I wasn't ready to show the world my true colors, so I got that kid to do it for me.

"Your just butt hurt that your cat didn't make it into the voting stage of the Halloween contest" ...the rules clearly state you have to take a picture of YOURSELF, not your cat. If i took a picture of my pet i wouldn't have a chance in the world to win, since that would be against the rules.

and if you have any other "reasons" I'll gladly update this blog or make a new one to answer them for you.

Uploaded 11/04/2010
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