Turning 25

Today i turn 25.  No big deal im not one of those people who hates getting older, I actually love it.  I'm jealous of the crazy old coot that hangs out at the park giving small children the finger simply because he is slipping into senility.

anyway i work at a major corporate offices and birthdays here are always celebrated.  not like in office space where we all gather to have cake, but more like people will bring stuff in for you (treats and bagels and crap) and leave it at your desk.   this then causes people you work with who you never talk to to stop by and wish you a happy birthday simply so they dont feel weird taking the last cannoli without your knowledge.   heres how the conversations usually go :


" Hey Rick, hows it going man,  your birthday today?"

" No Bob I just decided to have a bake sale,  3 dollars for the cannoli please"

" Ha damn rick your such a joker,   hey nice painting you do that yourself?"

" no I got that at a blueman group show"

" blue man huh?  never heard of them,  whats that"

"Its an off Broadway type thing,  They incorporate music in their show with alot of offbeat com.."

" Alright man good talkin to ya" ( shoves a cannoli in his mouth, takes 2 donuts, and 2 more cannolis wrapped in a napkin as if i didnt notice

the whole time i'm thinking ' Yes, Yes Bob go for the gusto why don't you.  and while your at it smoke another cigarette and enjoy the day, because after i force you to choke on that cannoli, it may very well be your last!!!'

usually i dont come into work on my birthday to avoid dumb shit like this,  but I plan on getting wicked drunk tonight and working from home tomorrow (aka playing goldeneye on my N64) so I didnt have to waste a vacation day. 

the GF wants me to hang at her place tonight.  Im pretty sure she got me a drum kit.  that would be sweet!  now that im kinda expecting it, if i dont get that its gonna read all over my face.  sucks for her. oh well im going to treat her like a date-rape on prom night regardless.

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