Turning Point quit making excuses and do it

When is it when we hit that point in our life where we stop caring for other's.  Where it's all about our personally gathering's , then rather making sure other's are happy.  I've noticed that there are more people today struggling then I have ever seen before.  It break's my heart to see other's in financial and emotional pain.  But then again if your out wasting your money on Cigs and Beer, or Gambling it all away then I don't want to hear you bitch and complain cause you don't have money for rent or money for gas.  ( i bet there are going to be people on here comment saying " but quitting is hard"  bull shit.  I smoked for 10 years straight, one day i said you know what I'm done, I put it down and didn't pick it back up.  I'm 20 years old.  I have been smoking since I was 10.  It was hard.  the addiction was everywhere, I would smell one at first and be like "god I want just one, one wont hurt"  but it does, and now i'm healthier , I can run over a mile.  My clothes don't stink, neither my breath.  I've noticed how other's around me smell terrible from smoking.  I have been trying to get other's to quit.  But they say they don't care about there live's.  That is just selfish, you should care what your family thinks about you.  don't you want to be healthy.  Be able to have a six pack or eat the right foods to make you feel like everyday is worth it all.  Cause that is what I feel like.  I workout twice a day. Eat fruit for breakfast everyday.  I have lost 22 lbs in two months.  I'm fighting in MMA now.  I love live, my wife love's it and loves that I don't stink.  My son and me are closer because i'm not stepping out side every 30 mins for a cig break.  come on people...wake up.  Is it really worth 6 dollars a pack.  If you smoke 1 pack a day.  that's 30 dollars a week.  Now that is 120 dollars a month and 1440 dollars a year.  120 dollars a month may not seem like much, but what if your behind on rent.  BAMMMM..there you go.  I NEED GAS MONEY...bammmm there you go.  MY CHILD NEEDS CLOTHES, DIAPERS , FORMULA, WIPES,FOOD,DRINKS, SOCKS,UNDERWEAR, SCHOOL STUFF....THERE YOU FREAKING GO.  COME ON...YOUR ONLY HURTING YOUR SELF. Now some may not have kids, well.  What else could you be doing with that money , get a gym membership...(oh I don't have time)  quit it..shut the hell up and get up off the couch from DANCING WITH THE STARS OR SOME OTHER GAY SHOW YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH AT 7 OR 8..AND be shredded, or huge, slim...what ever it is.  you can do it...I did...and i'm still going. I want to be able to take my shirt off and be like hell yea..not damn look at that roll or 'HONEY AM I GETTING BIGGER CAUSE THESE JEANS DON'T FIT NO MORE."  You can do it...i believe in all of you. I did it and i'm still doing it.  It's not easy so find people to help you  with support.  You can and you will..
Uploaded 07/21/2011
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