Twilight obsessed girls.

Today looked pretty fucking boring at first because I didnt have anything to do. So I decided I would accompany my two sisters to go see twilight. Well actualy one of them paid me but shhhh. I didnt really ever want to see this movie because it honestly pissed me off. I probally would have given this movie and book series alot more respect when I heard about it if people werent so obsessed wiht them. Some of these people act as if the characters where real people and that these books were based off facts. Not only do people act like that they make it seem like the world would end if Twilight was never written. I have seen tons of facebook groups about this book and how much these girls "love" Edward. Hes a fictional character! He doesn't exist! Some woman made him up! Like what is wrng with these people. I wish these people could hae read the books and said " You know I really enjoyed those books, I tihnk Ill go see the movie, I think it will be really well done." Instead of " OH MY FUCKING GOD! I fucking looooooooooove Twilight. It is THE BEST book ever. If you dont like it your fucking retarded!" That is what pisses me off. Its a book. Not your life. Ill admit Ive seen a couple movies or read a couple books that I thouroughly enjoyed and did talk about allot with my friends. But I did not talk about them every other minute. I didnt call someone stup[id if they didnt like it, And I deffinately did not proclaim any love for any of the characters. By the way you can love the character in a way that you really like the way the character is and their role. Not say you actualy love the and want to marry them. Only loosers who have nobody to love them do that. But today I actualy watched and I enjoyed it. I jsut wish people would stop obsessing about it.
Uploaded 11/22/2008
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