Two be or not two be that is the enigma...

     Everybody 'knows' that you can have only one account on at a time.  Well, that isn't exactly true either.  If you're running more than one browser you can have multiple accounts open.  For instance, I can log into into my Twidget account with MicroSoft's Internet Exploerer, my MrsNekoJeans account with Mozilla's Firefox, and my Tyeada account with Google's Chrome all at the same time; however, the 30 second rule still applies.  How is that possible?  They do not track comment time by account.  They track it by MAC (Media Access Control) addresses.  The MAC address is a built in code that "they" can use, in conjunction with other data transmitted by your device, to track you within 100 meters of where you are standing.  Everything uses this technology.  Facebook publishes it publicly; and that's why it's actually illegal for me to use Facebook while I'm in the US theater of operations.


     With that said, it should be fairly simple, albeit tedious, to do some simple searches.  While I cannot definitively prove someone is or is not an alt, I can cast enough doubt to reasonably say someone is not an alt.  Trio alts should be more easily discredited if they make comments at all the exact same time.  The minimum time there would be a minute and a half wait.  So, let us explore some of the possiblilies:


[1]  Neko ?=? Twidget
A) [Blog] This Week's Blogs Section Summary At 01:22pm Aug, 2 2011 - Neko
A) [Video] Thats A Weird Place To Have Sex At 01:22pm Aug, 2 2011 - Twidget


B)[Blog] Paranoia? At 12:51pm Jul, 14 2011 - Neko
B)[Video] The Blob Jump Official World Record At 12:51pm Jul, 14 2011 - Twidget


C) [Blog] Blogs Section is Blooming Now At 02:06pm Jul, 13 2011 - Neko
C)  [Video] Homless BMX Biker K.O.'s Himself At 02:06pm Jul, 13 2011 - Twidget


D) [Blog] Let Me ReIntroduce Myself... They Call Me Gyps Of Babylon At 02:11pm Jul, 12 2011 - Neko
D) [Video] Before & After Joplin Tornado At 02:11pm Jul, 12 2011 - Twidget


E) [Blog] How To Become a Brilliant Musician At 01:45pm Jul, 5 2011 - Neko
E) [Video] Smelly Finger Prank At 01:45pm Jul, 5 2011 - Twidget and at this point I have more than twice as many pages of comments than she does.


Conclusions:  First off, Twidget talks way too much.  Secondly, he doesn't talk NEARLY as much as he used to before Neko owned him.  Thirdly, either this Twidget character is OUTSTANDING at multi-tasking, which I assure you I am not, or these are two different entities.  I would be flattered regardless of your personal conclusions on the third observation.


[2]  Twidget ?=? Polish_Pigeon
A)  [Video] Automatic Glock Explosive Bullets At 03:01am Jul, 29 2011 - Twidget
A)  [Blog] I Just Owned Mervin777 Again! SmartBlackGuy Style! At 03:01am Jul, 29 2011 - Polish_Pigeon


B)  [Video] Automatic Glock Explosive Bullets At 02:54am Jul, 29 2011 - Twidget
B)  [Blog] I Just Owned Mervin777 Again! SmartBlackGuy Style! At 02:54am Jul, 29 2011 - Polish_Pigeon


C)  [Video] Sexy Bikini Girls At 02:55am Jul, 26 2011 - Twidget
C)  [Blog] Neko, The Muse At 02:55am Jul, 26 2011 - Polish_Pigeon


Conclusions:  There's less evidence available in this short 2 months to dispute this theory, however, you can see that there is pleanty of data within a single minute of these two Great Bloggers.

     In Summary, I hope you can all appreciate the amount of time that this took.  People, get over yourselves.  Just because 200 people beleive in the same thing does not make them all the same people.  You probably have several groups out there that all beleive the same thing; and each one thinks the other is a conspiracy.  If you don't like someone, try to approach them, I bet you can make friends with them if you try.


Yours Truly,

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