Tyaeda a Roast I'd like to Pork

Don't mind the title I know it's vulgar, but  when I think of all the blogs Tyaeda has made... none were any good.

This blog I have created was not  to praise her or bury her, she has done that on her own.

But seriously folks, Ty is a great humanitarian brought on by her hippy roots. She has recently signed up for an experiment to test new drugs. The drug companies want to make sure the new drugs are safe for rats.

Her big heart does not stop there. Once, she met a peg legged man who was down on his luck and gave him ten dollars. She said, " I just want to help you get back on your foot".

As most of you know I play the piano and I tried to compose a piece that would  describe Tyaeda but the notes didn't go down that low.

Tyaeda has mentioned some difficulty in making ends meet but I am happy to announce she is now the poster girl for Monistat. She will not take umbrage to this because she doesn't know what umbrage means.

Tyaeda likes to write about her boyfriend once in a while, some people make fun of the fact he plays WOW, but I for one thinks he must be a great guy. Who else could put up with that loud ass snoring of hers?

attachment.php?attachmentid=355674&stc=1  Everyone needs something to believe in. I believe I'll have another drink!
Uploaded 02/22/2011
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