I remember a couple years ago,
I read a transcript of an Alan Watt
Christmas rant that I still remember
today. In it Alan refers to... I
remember it because of a specific
reference today... This made me think
of... etc." This makes it less a
spontaneous ejaculation of a third
party's ideas all over the faces of
ebaums bloggers and more of a... blog. I
think there's rules against this.

When you have SWAT teams, and every cop who is not in a SWAT team wants to get into one, because that's the thing to do. They see it on TV; they've been brought up with the same television, because fiction is emulated in reality. That's why fiction is put out there. The world they are bringing into view is a hell on earth and it's up to the individuals to come together, when they have common cause and things to save, because humanity does have an awful lot of good qualities that are never mentioned by the control freaks at the top. And, the bonding must continue between people who have those special abilities still left within them; the art of bonding, the art of acting out the proper ways to be for other people, because you can't walk around this world hoping to save yourself; you can only save yourself by saving others. That is a survival mechanism. When we're all afraid of governments and what governments want to do to us, then we are weak and we're helpless. 

The henchmen at the bottom, wearing uniforms, the bullies, have been here in every age. We've got to go beyond them, you don't take them head-on, you've got to go to those at the top and you do it by mass demonstrations; and, that will happen eventually, there will be much opposition to stop the mass demonstrations, but it will eventually come. And, only then, will those at the top take - and have to accept - recognition of them. They'll never admit they're wrong at the top, they'll always tell you they come up with new information on any particular topic. They'll never admit they're wrong, they can't admit they're wrong, even when they murder people by mistake, they will never ever admit they are wrong. The government is not in the habit of telling the truth, government is in the habit of concealing truth; it always has been.

Those who gravitate towards positions of power, unfortunately, don't come from healthy normal people. They come from psychopathic types; they gravitate towards where power is.  

A new system has to come out of all of this, eventually, and it can't be the same system. Every person in the world, from kindergarten, should be taught something different this time: they should be taught how to recognise psychopathy, the psychopath; the one who knows how to use everyone else to do their job, for them. The manipulators, those who can do the dirty and sleep well without tranquilisers, because psychopaths always gravitate towards positions of power, even at your local level. And, that's all you'd have to really do, is ensure the children could recognise psychopaths, from a very early age. You see, they're using this technique of indoctrination. I'm talking about they, the Psychopaths, are using it on your children, to brainwash them into false facts, false theories and so on, to do with sustainability. But by using a technique of at least getting to the children and saying 'Look here's a psychopath, here's what they will do with you, here's how they can manipulate you so easily, your thoughts, your beliefs and even the dedication of your whole life, in some cases'.

Then we wouldn't have this problem. However, to have this problem eradicated, we've got to understand what evil truly is; and, evil is detrimental to the human species. Its anti-life, in fact, you find the radicals, who are well-funded by those at the top, the top psychopaths, don't like humans at all. They're nihilistic, that ties right in with what was said by Albert Pike and others: they would use the nihilists and the atheists, meaning those who would create chaos, they would obliterate humanity and everything that was good in humanity and the natural caring and bonding that can occur within humanity for its own survival, they would obliterate it. When that's gone, you see, have no one to turn to but the State and that's exactly what the psychopaths want; they are the State. They have incredible superiority complexes, because what they've managed to do, over the last century or so, is to convince the public that they have no thoughts of their own that are worthwhile considering. Leave it to the specialists and the specialists are in the business of doing us all in.

The last thing they want now are mass and peaceful demonstrations - I'm talking about massive demonstrations - the last thing they want is that. Where people will oppose the totalitarian society where you are chipped, you're I.Dd, your papers are demanded by low level cops, who are no different than anyone else at the low level. Where cameras watch you, where you can't write a letter, without it being opened and read. That is the utter tyranny, it's the grossest tyranny that's ever, ever been devised and nothing can justify it, nothing. 

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