Ty's Tunes - Oldies but Goodies!

You'll notice in this blog series that I enjoy a large variety of music genres.   This part will probably best demonstrate how far (back) I'm willing to go in the search for originality.  This music is the great grand parents of the little shits running rampant today.  Since this music has come out, the gene pool has been tainted.   I think to have good taste in anything, you have to value purity. 

So, in no particular order, I'd like to share some of my favourite oldies. 

If someone were to ask me who's voice I envied most I would say "Hands down - Ella Fitzgerald".    Known for her ability to imitate the sound of any instrument in an orchastra, Ella goes down in history as possibly the best vocalist that ever lived.  Her perfect pitch matched with her rasp, she makes it all look too easy.  

Next time you're listening to your favourite Lamb of God song, I want you to think about this number.  Sound's nothing like it, but they have a connection.  Chuck Berry released this hit soon after the allegedly first Rock and Roll song Rocket 88 by Ike Turner, paving the path for arguably North America's favourite genre, and thus all of the hundreds of sub genres to come.   I would have posted Rocket 88 as my example, but Maybellene the earliest rock and roll song I learned, which gives it a deep personal meaning to me. 

Now let's go way back... WAY back.... little further.... keep going.... ok stop!  1918 Marrion Harris recorded this song.   Might not seem like much, but she was one of the first white people (let alone females) to sing Jazz.  If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll hear a women scorned by a man who's trying to leave her.   Let's keep in mind - this is 1918, prior to women's rights, when we were still seen as property more than people.  I can only imagine how controversial it was for a women to publicly question her husband in such a way.    You might be thinking, I think I've heard this before.  Well chances are, you have, it's been covered by many people; both men and women of all race and colour, since this original recording.  

While you were listening to the last one, I was traveling even further back in time to the days of Mozart.  This aria speaks to me - in German.   I have no idea what she's singing, but I can tell she's pissed.  Maybe cause Mozart wanted her to blow on his Magic Flute.    I could look into it, but I like my idea better.   All joking aside, this will always be a favourite piece for me.  As someone who has some professional vocal training under her belt,  having this much vocal ability and discipline is an ultimate dream of mine. 

Yeah those bible thumpers were actually right about something - Rock is the devil's music.  Nobody can deny that most, if not all of the music we listen to today (good or shit) wouldn't have came to be without inspiration from Robert Johnson, and allegedly Satan.  After the death of his mother Robert Johnson, an amateur and as some would say - talentless musician, suddenly disappeared    He returned with a totally original sound that he, in many of his songs and lyrics, attributes to a deal he made with the devil.    Many of the world's most famous musicians and bands recognize this and pay tribute to him by sampling Robert Johnson's lyrics in their songs.   We all know of  Cream/Eric Clapton's - Went down to the crossroads, which is a word for word rip off of Johnson's Crossroads.    And who hasn't heard Robert Plante sing "Squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg" a euphemism  for a 'handy' written by Johnson.   Mr. Johnson was obviously controversial  singing about spousal abuse, sex, and of course - the devil.   However you may not know that he was the first of many unfortunate members of the 27 club.   Now if a musical artist dies at that age, many question whether or not they too sold their soul. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Ty's Tunes!   I'm not going to tell you what next week's theme will be, but I'll give you a hint.  It's black, sometimes white, and rhymes with Crap. 

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