I swear to god this country is becoming more socialist day by day. All you globalists and progressives that are begging for government control are gonna get fucked over so hard and you don't even see it. god damn I fucking hate all of you with a passion. I'm not even that right winged or left and already I can smell the elitists coming out and saying I have no right to protect myself or how racist I am for owning a gun. I really think this country is fucked and we are entering a dark period. I think full blown communism will take over when the banks and systems shut down and all hell will break loose. You can't convince me obamacare will save anyone, considering people with full time jobs will be convinced to work part time shifts to save money. good luck finding any jobs. To sum it up I have bad feelings and shit will hit the fan either we like it or not. I can smell a huge shit storm brewing, actually I can see the shit clouds on the horizon and we are all in for some serious shit. go on call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever bullshit slander you can come up with. do I give a fuck?
Uploaded 08/19/2013
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